Habib Faisal Al-Kaf tour 2016



Al-Habib Faisal al-Kaff


22nd-27th November 2016  

Every problem has a solution and every solution requires problem solvers. Problem solvers are dedicated and take a holistic view on issues which directly and indirectly effect us all. The world needs healing, so we ask you; will you be a healer?
‘For The Sake of Goodness’ is a 5 city tour exploring key areas which have blighted our communities and the inaction which requires action in solving and bringing goodness to our community and ultimately our country.
The tour will consist of a number of prison visits, interfaith dialogues, discussions on contemporary issues, open clinics, reminders/lectures and more.
Do not miss this opportunity to learn and benefit from one of the notable scholars of the Middle East.


The Islamic scholar, Al-Habib Faisal Al-Kaff is a student of the sacred Islamic sciences and also a preacher. He heralds from the noble family of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and acquired sacred Islamic knowledge from many scholars the main one being the spiritual master Al-Habib Umar Bin Hafiz.

He has undertaken a number of tours to spread the message of Islam and has participated in many Islamic conferences. Currently, he is involved in establishing and participating in a range of different TV and radio programs across the Arab world which focus on spiritual and moral discipline and education. He has also been very active in his contribution to a range of important research, including a Master’s degree from the Faculty of the principles of calling to Islam entitled “wisdom and its impact in changing the state of the Muslim community.”

Habib Faisal al-Kaff calls towards spreading Islam through propagating the reality and spirit of Islam. He sees that the rectification of communities can come about through two important things. Firstly, a re-connection with the Chosen Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) by means of loving him, connecting with him and following him. Secondly, a rewriting of the system of community values by focusing on the correct understanding of moral and spiritual purification.

We look forward to receiving Habib Faisal al-Kaff. May this visit be a cause of rectification and guidance for the people of the regions and the world.